B>Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today. AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: Best Film: OURSELVES, IN STORIES Best Direction: THE SIEGE Best Performances: 3 Best Cinematography: THE SIEGE Best Sound & Music: BALANCE OF THE FORCE Theme of night: Life NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: September 2021 ACTION SPORTS Festival

Director Biography – Peter Koevari (3)

Peter Koevari is the award-winning screenwriter, producer, director, and casting director of GP2 Entertainment, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Peter is known for his literature and films, with a well-received fantasy series of novels, Legends of Marithia. His short films, Mother’s Day, Ring Around a Rosie, Blood Bond, and Featurette Screenplay, Dusted Dreams, have achieved a… Continue reading Director Biography – Peter Koevari (3)

Short Film: 3, 11min., Australia, Action/Thriller

Contestants wake into a horrific battle royale with a cruel twist, and must escape to discover its purpose. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Instagram News & Reviews “3 Review”To Tony Productionshttps://totonyproductions.com/blog/2021/06/16/3-review/