Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:
Best Direction: NOMAD
Best Performances: CLOSURE
Best Cinematography: FIGURES

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

FIGURES, 20min., Canada, Action

Directed by Jamie Hegland, Jade Yurich
A Special Forces officer turned crime syndicate operative uncovers the site of a drop being conducted by one of the world’s most dangerous, underground criminal organizations. With his syndicate’s mission of eradicating this rival organization, he infiltrates the drop site in an attempt to recover a mysterious item and locate the group’s notorious leader. However, things go astray when he is unexpectedly forced to deal with one of their organization’s most reputable mercenaries. Under unforeseen circumstances, he must use his newly acquired skills and act quickly in order to accomplish his mission and survive this encounter.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

NOMAD, 12min., USA, Action

Directed by Max Pearce
A couple of scavengers find a mysterious orb that puts them one against the other in the austerity of the desert. Once Nomad learns about its origin she decides to take it back where they found it, but Gorr has different plans.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

CLOSURE, 9min., USA, Action

Directed by Gui Agustini
A detective. A mercenary. Of course it didn’t work out but when a relationship ends messy, can you ever really have Closure?

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

ALMOST THERE, 5min,. Japan, Action

Directed by Chuck Johnson
Two refugees from a broken land have to fight their way into civilization.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

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