HIGHLIGHTS: July 2022 Action/Adventure Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today. Audience Award Winners:Best Crime Film: NATEBest Action Film: MADEIRA OUTDOOR STORIESBest Performances: FIRE & BLOODBest Direction: WHO ARE YOU? Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film: WHO ARE YOU?, 10min,. USA, Crime Directed by Jacob Snider“Who Are You?” is a story about a man who… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: July 2022 Action/Adventure Festival

This week’s FilmFreeway discount codes – Use 50% off codes

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This week’s FilmFreeway discount codes – Use 50% off codes ROMANCE & RELATIONSHIPS FESTIVAL https://filmfreeway.com/RomanceFestival 50% off code – romance Toronto FEMALE Film Festival https://filmfreeway.com/TorontoFemaleFeedbackFilmFestivalTOFFFF 50% off code: 50female FANTASY/SCI-FI Film & Screenplay Festival TOP 100 Best Reviews Festival in the world https://filmfreeway.com/FantasySciFiFilmScreenplayFestival 50% off code: scififantasy50 WILDsound Film &…

Watch the MUSIC Short Festival NOW (Free or $1)

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There are two ways to watch the festival. You can buy just the festival for $1 and have 48 hours to watch it: https://www.wildsound.ca/packages/daily-film-festivals/videos/music-film-festival-july-5th Or, you can sign up directly on the APP http://www.wildsound.ca or go directly to the festival screening page: https://www.wildsound.ca/videos/music-film-festival-july-5th See the Full…

LISTEN podcasts from Documentary Festival Filmmakers. Then watch festival

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PANDALAND – Martha Davishttps://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/june-22-2022-filmmaker-martha-davis-pandaland-making/id1406973270?i=1000567337013 SAVIOR OF CONEY ISLAND – Gary Beeberhttps://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/july-3-2022-filmmaker-gary-beeber-the-savior-of-coney-island/id1406973270?i=1000568639591 L.A. RISES – Oliver Poncehttps://podcasts.apple.com/cl/podcast/july-2-2022-filmmaker-oliver-ponce-l-a-rises/id1406973270?i=1000568638714 Watch festival at http://www.wildsound.ca https://twitter.com/wildsoundpod/status/1544168337244045314

Winning ENVIRONMENTAL Festival SHORT Screenplay: SENIOR DITCH DAY, by Matthew Nicholson

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https://youtu.be/QqXKXkweXbc An elderly woman plans an escape from her nursing home to keep a promise to her late husband during a once-in-a-lifetime meteorological event. CAST LIST: Narrator: Steve Rizzo Ruth/Hudson: Val Cole Iris/Nurse Johnson: Kyana Teresa Gwen/Stacy: Hannah Ehman Harvey/Jerry: Sean Ballantyne

Winning Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival 1st SCENE Reading: Spasm Plague, by David C. Cooper

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https://youtu.be/LvYO7tv28JU Synopsis: In this feature, we follow Nick Pettybaker – a sleep-deprived researcher at the University of California who is racing against the clock to complete the “Dome,” a highly advanced machine that can locate and kill brain cancer. After some failed initial attempts, he’s given…

Winning FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene TV Reading: VIKE, by Adam Kelly Morton

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https://youtu.be/hJ14RfWr4nM Where fantasy meets procedural mystery, a cantankerous Chief Constable must solve crimes AND judge them in a dark and dangerous metropolis. Vike struggles with his own addictions and fears while up against the Arklanen: an underground guild of dark magic, responsible for the death of…