HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: March 2022 Festival

Winner BEST Feature Film. 2022 season.

THE SIEGE 2, 52min., Hungary, Action
Directed by Mark Lakatos
In the wake of Kuruc Péter’s unexpected demise, Zalán and Luca find themselves on the run, fearing retaliation from the fallen kingpin’s forces. Meanwhile, underworld crime leaders seek to leverage the events, including the eager Áron Székely.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

News & Reviews

Director Biography – Mark Lakatos

Mark Lakatos is a 20 year old filmmaker from Hungary. He established himself as a prominent sports event videographer, media manager and short film director.

In late 2018, he directed ‘The Pedestrian’, a short adapted from the work of Ray Bradbury’s dystopian work of the same name. In October of 2019, he created ‘Act!’, the award-winning environmental short film that headlined the Zöldgömb Film Festival in Hungary. In January of 2020, he wrote and directed the award-winning science-fiction silent film, ‘House of Babel’. In late August of 2020, he wrote and directed the first ever Hungarian action short film ‘The Siege’, earning international acclaim not long after its release. In March of 2021, he wrapped production on his fifth short film, the horror-drama ‘Venandi’, and went on to write and direct ‘The Siege 2’.

Director Statement

‘The Siege 2’ is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It chronicles a series of major events after the first chapter that feel connected in such a strong manner. It also has some fascinating new characters and bigger, meaner action scenes. It expands on this world in ways we never thought possible and pushes the boundaries of what is possible for independently produced low-budget films.

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