Screenplay Movie: The Flight Of Souls – Best Scene, by Guy Quigley

Produced by Matthew Toffolo
Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel

Voice Over Actors:
Sean Ballantyne
Matt Barnes
Christopher Bautista
Allison Kampf
Erica Levine
Danielle Nicole
Luke Robinson

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Romance

A former fighter pilot and a flight attendant stumble into various adventure filled conflicts dealing with terrorists, the CIA, and double crossings, in this non stop action/thriller.

Where we are in the script….

This scene takes place after Justin and Nara in league with Mossad agents Ori, Tamar and Daniel trick Jack Brady AKA Amir Mokri onto to a private jet destined for New York. They side with the Israel’s by confronting the arresting CIA agent Jacob Bloom who with their help has the terrorist pilot in custody. Bloom wants him alive to face charges, The Israel’s want him disposed of. This pivotal scene from the script takes place in the private’s jet over the Atlantic Ocean.

By actionadventurefestival

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