ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Testimonial – June 24, 2018

I was looking for a voice over to my script before so when this opportunity came I was excited. As being the creator of something it’s hard to critique. This platform gives a couple of fresh eyes to see the work in an unbiased way. I feel that is very important and I received great feedback that propelled my in the right direction, it give guidance.


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Genre: Action, Animation, Adventure

A cartoon series that mirrors the conflict in the world due to xenophobia and the like.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Myrtle: Salma Dharsee
Ginzo: Allan Michael Brunet

ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Testimonial – June 20, 2018

Blair  Johannes
Blair Johannes

Big Thank you to Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery Film Festival. Great communication from this group and watching the review back the Mediator was great, knew the film and brought interesting insight to the audience for them to ponder over while discussing there views. Hearing first hand what the public likes and dislikes about your film just makes us better film makers. Thank you again for your support of Break Room.

5 Star Review

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ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Testimonial – June 11, 2018

From Screenwriter A.K.A. SMITH (ZOMBIE CRUIZE)

I love the enthusiasm and creativity in festivals like this and in all kinds of meetups with people in all areas of film making. This one seemed right for this screenplay. The initial feedback showed a huge amount of understanding and intelligence and was incredibly helpful and well-written.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror

Poseidon Adventure meets Night of the Dead. When the world’s largest cruise ship is over-run by thousands of shambling, groping, synthetically reanimated corpses, celebrity Vlogger Rozo and her Dad Ammy, the Chief Engineer, must help the last survivors off the ship – which is made all the more hellish when it capsizes, as these particular flesh-eaters can swim like demented sharks.

Narrator: Carina Cojeen
Rozo/Holly: Carly Tisdall
Macavoy: Peter Nelson
Satoshi: Christopher Huron
Ruben: David Occhipinti
Qadira: Kiran Friesen
Kerry Jo: Alicia Ryan