9 SECONDS Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the May 2018 ACTION Festival


9 SECONDS, 18min., USA, Action/Sci-Fi
Directed by Ross Godwin

Forced to live in hiding with her father at the outskirts of a war-torn and besieged city, nine year old Anika tries her best to be a kid. Several times a day, an air-raid siren sounds, and a bomb lands somewhere in the vicinity exactly 9 seconds later, like clockwork. Overcome with curiosity for the outside world, she goes against the wishes of her father and slips out of the bunker, but wanders too far from home as chaos breaks out. She must learn to grow up quickly in order to make it back home.

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Director BIO: Ross Godwin (9 SECONDS)

Director – Ross Godwin


Ross Godwin is an award-winning filmmaker from Washington, DC, and an MFA graduate of American University.  A writer, director, and cinematographer, Ross has worked on a variety of different projects across genres and across the globe; from Alaksa, to Czech Republic, from Mexico to the Isle of Saba, and everywhere in between. 

His directoral debut, What You Sow, went on to win best student short at the Indie Gathering Film festival, while other projects, such as Forgotten River and Stow Away were official selections at the Environmental Film Festival and Escape Velocity respectively.  His most recent film, 9 Seconds, is nearing completion and is expected to premier in the summer of 2016.  Ross and Shayla teamed up most recently in 2015 on the award winning film, Life’s Checklist.  The two team up again for the much anticipated civil rights inspired film, Riverment.