Movie Review: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1971) 7th James Bond Movie

Connery himself seems to be going through the motions. It does not feel like a man that just lost his wife. You can tell that Connery is ready to move on from the role. I do enjoy Blofeld’s gay henchmen Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd. I find they get a lot of flack, but every time they are on screen I laugh or have a good time. They are the weirdest Bond villains in the series and I really enjoy them for that reason.

Movie Review: YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1967) 5th James Bond Film

Roald Dahl wrote the imaginative script for You Only Live Twice and it is the most imaginative script so far of the series. Abandoning Fleming’s novel almost completely Dahl and the film makers make an epic Bond film dealing with the space race and the cold war. Someone is stealing ships right out of space using their own spaceship. Russia is blaming the U.S. and vice versa. Bond under the foes impression that he is now dead travels to Japan and finds that the Osato corporation is behind the crime. The themes in You Only Live Twice are great, especially for the time, before the first man hit the moon the Russians and Americans were fighting for the glory, so why not excite audiences who were all excited about the prospects of space at the time. Also this is the first film that deals with a corrupt corporation funding the money for big crime.

Movie Review: THUNDERBALL (1965) 4th James Bond Movie

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Submit your Action/Adventure Story to the Festival Today: THUNDERBALL, 1965 Movie Reviews Directed by Terence Young Starring: Sean Connery, Claudine Auger, Adolfo Celii, Luciana Paluzzi and Bernard Lee. Review by Jesse Ryder Hughes SYNOPSIS: M sends Bond to a health spa to improve his health. SPECTRE has come up with a plan to steal two… Continue reading Movie Review: THUNDERBALL (1965) 4th James Bond Movie

Movie Review: GOLDFINGER, 1964. 3rd James Bond Movie

Submit your Action/Adventure Story to the Festival Today: GOLDFINGER, 1964 Movie Reviews Directed by Guy Hamilton Starring Sean Connery, Gert Frobe, Honor Blackman, Shirley Eaton, Harold Sakata and Bernard Lee. Review by Jesse Ryder Hughes SYNOPSIS: A vengeful Bond is sent to see where the megalomaniac Auric Goldfinger gets his gold by M. Bond and… Continue reading Movie Review: GOLDFINGER, 1964. 3rd James Bond Movie

Movie Review: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, 1963. 2nd James Bond Film

Off the bat I have to say that From Russia with Love is my favorite Bond film and Bond novel. The film follows the source material relatively close, except a few minor changes, but that doesn’t matter, because the film is exciting and it flows extremely well. Unlike Dr. No we know the plan of the foes right off the bat. We have to watch Bond from a distance and he thinks he’s got everything figured out. He thinks the Russians are setting him up, but it is in fact SPECTRE. Bond doesn’t know this until over halfway into the film and you can see on Connery’s face that it is a huge blow to the ego. SPECTRE wants Bond dead for killing Dr. No and they want to steal the Lektor to sell it back to the Russians to help fund their organization. So why not kill two birds in one stone. Get MI6, who have been trying to get a lektor for ages, to send Bond to get the Lektor, SPECTRE sends an assassin to kill Bond get the Lektor into SPECTRE’s hands, all the time Russia and England will be blaming each other.

Movie Review: DR NO, 1962. First James Bond Film

I am a huge James Bond fan, for many reasons, like many others I love James Bond himself. A cool, ultra suave and sophisticated spy, unafraid to practically do anything dangerous. He sounds like the ultimate hero and dammit he is. The Bond films have grown with the times to suit what the audience wants (Moonraker: the Star Wars James Bond) and to even give a jolt of reality and portray Bond with real emotional feelings (On her Majesty’s Secret Service, Casino Royale). The Bond girls have grown with the times as becoming more and more strong willed dependent women that don’t need to fully rely on Bond and Bond to rely on them more. I just wanted to discuss where I am going to go as I do my reviews of these films I love. The first of the films Dr. No is one of my favorites and it is the film that introduced all the Bond standards you would expect from a James Bond movie.