HIGHLIGHT & VIDEOS: May 2019 ACTION Film Festival

AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: BEST FILM: ACCOMPLICE BEST ACTION FILM: WIDOW BEST PERFORMANCES: TRAP BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: THE DESECRATED BEST MUSIC: BLOODBURN Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: WIDOW, 16min., USA, Action/Western TRAP, 10min., Canada, Action/Thriller BEFORE YOU WOKE, 4min., USA, Action/Thriller SILENCE, 7min., USA, Action/Drama ACCOMPLICE, 19min., Spain, Thriller BLOODBURN, 7min., Netherlands, Crime/Thriller THE WOODS, 4min., USA,… Continue reading HIGHLIGHT & VIDEOS: May 2019 ACTION Film Festival

ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Testimonial – November 29 2018

I was very happy that people really seemed to get my film. Action short films are sometimes a hard sell. There’s nothing so visceral, powerful and ugly as two people punching the s%&t out of each other with their fists. But weirdly enough, I think words have as much– maybe even more, destructive power! I… Continue reading ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Testimonial – November 29 2018


Submit your Action/Adventure Story to the Festival Today: http://actionadventurefestival.com Best of Action/Adventure SHORT FILMS showcased at the festival in  2016: MARTY: A WILD WEST NEVERLAND, 16min., USA, Fantasy/AdventureWATCH Audience FEEDBACK HELIO, 20min., USA, Sci-Fi/ActionWATCH Audience FEEDBACK O, 29min, Norway, Horror/MysteryWATCH Audience FEEDBACK GILT, 22min, UK, Thriller/DramaWATCH Audience FEEDBACK THE TRAP, 16min, Canada, Crime/ThrillerWATCH Audience FEEDBACK TENGU: BIRDMAN… Continue reading 2016 ACTION/ADVENTURE Short Films

Short Screenplay: SCENARIO 957, by Amy E Jones

Watch the May 2016 Winning Short Screenplay. SCENARIO 957, by Amy E  Jones SYNOPSIS: Genre: Sci-Fi, Action Synopsis: Fighting against time and terrorists on an earth struggling to survive after a devastating energy crisis, young scientific genius James Kale must figure out how to launch the rocket destined to save mankind before it’s too late.… Continue reading Short Screenplay: SCENARIO 957, by Amy E Jones

Short Film: QUPID, 10min, Australia, Action/Romance. Playing at Best of Action/Crime Film Festival

Although Australia is considered progressive on LGBTQI issues, correctional centres still operate in the country. these institutions provide “reparative therapy” for those who are supposedly suffering unwanted same-sex attraction. it is this delusion, equating homosexuality to a curable ailment, which first sparked the idea for a short film.