2016 ACTION/ADVENTURE Novels and Short Stories

Submit your Action/Adventure Story to the Festival Today: http://actionadventurefestival.com Best of Action/Adventure NOVELS and SHORT STORIES showcased at the festival in  2016: NOVEL Reading: HEARING THOUGHTS September 2016 ReadingWritten by Anthony Diffley NOVEL Prologue – THE ACE OF KINGS August 2016 ReadingWritten by Dan Levinson TV PILOT Screenplay – RICK & MORTY “The Rickgotiator” August 2016 ReadingWritten… Continue reading 2016 ACTION/ADVENTURE Novels and Short Stories

Action Novel: CONTRARY WARRIORS: BLOOD LEGACY Chapter 1 by Sheryl Wright

Blood Legacy is the second volume in the Contrary Warriors series and kicks off one year after SOE agent Cleo Deseronto escapes torture at a CIA black site. Now on a simple mission to notify an American Senator of his daughter’s death, Cleo and her stalwart cousin Bo are drawn into the web of an old-time spymaster. It’s a conspiracy that threatens to alter the future of the civilized world, and trying to stop it might just make Cleo and Bo the most wanted women in America.