Action VIDEO PITCH: Gummed Up in Grit Land, Feature Script by Michael Hoberg

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Gummed Up in Grit Land, Feature Script by Michael HobergĀ 

Title of Story: Gummed Up in Grit Land

Written by: Michael Hoberg

LOGLINE: Bubble Gum causes the Apollo 13 space explosion, absorbs cosmic energy, and lands in Kentucky where a redneck Sheriff gets reports of vaporized animals.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Central Hero, High Concept

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1566073

PITCH: Boonswoggle was a town so dull that roosters slept past noon, until they were vaporized.

Wyatt Dollar is the Sheriff of a backwater town in Kentucky. He’s dedicated to his job, but hates small town politics. Years ago, a wad of gum was jettisoned in space by Apollo 13, doused by cosmic energy, and has now landed in the outskirts of his city.

The town drunk swears it vaporized his dog and beef jerky. As word gets around, curious townspeople, sci-fi buffs, cult members, and Chinese scientists begin disappearing. Powerful Mayor Gong sees this as a money making tourist attraction and scoffs at the danger.

The Sheriff fights City Hall in vain to keep more people from disappearing. But, there is one long-shot idea that just could save the townsfolk.

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