Best Scene Screenplay Reading of WAITING TO CRUMBLE by John Ott

WILDsound Festival

Watch the November 2016 winning best scene screenplay.

Best Scene from WAITING TO CRUMBLE Screenplay


NARRATOR – Andrea Lawrence
IRENE – Val Cole
BOBBY – Vince Jerad
STU – Peter-Mark Raphael
VICTORIA – Cassandra Guthrie
ROB – Matthew Lawrence


Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy

Separated from his wife Barbara in the nursing home in which they live, Stuart White befriends Rob Jefferies, a new resident. Soon their friendship turns into more and Stu and Rob become romantically involved.

Get to know the winning writer:

What is your screenplay about?

It’s about two elderly men who live in a nursing home and who fall in love with each other. One is a widower, and the other’s wife has dementia. Their families have very mixed reactions to the love affair. It’s also about issues of aging and how that affects love and sex.

What genres does your screenplay under?


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