Fan Fiction Pilot of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND OF THE DEAD by Jerry Kokich

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Winning Fan Fiction Screenplay for November 2016.

SKIPPER – Peter Nelson
GILLIGAN – Hugh Ritchie
GINGER – Kheon Clarke
MR. HOWELL – Julian Ford
MARY ANN – Angelica Alejandro
LOVEY – Kelci Stephenson


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

A reinvention of the popular series with the same castaways (reinvented) who end up having to fight off Zombies during the night on the far away island.

Get to know the winning writer:

What is your fan fiction screenplay about?

“Gilligan’s Island of The Dead” is a reboot of the classic TV comedy, with everything turned on its head… and zombies!

Why does this modern day twist of the iconic TV show work?

With updated characters, including Gilligan and The Skipper as a gay couple, and the Howells as the Madoffs hiding from the Feds, the series also capitalizes on the current zombie craze.

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