Winning 1st SCENE Screenplay – THE COURIER, by Michael D’Ambrosio

First Scene Screenplay Festival

Winning Screenplay – THE COURIER
Written by Michael D’Ambrosio


VICTOR – Dan Cristofori
FIONA – Cassandra Guthrie
CHARISSE – Jane Hailes


Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

A (female) black market courier is hunted by a powerful militia commander and his mercenary lover over her true identity. One wants her alive; the other wants her dead.

 Get to know the writer:

What is your screenplay about?

Marina, a violent courier in the black market with a drug addiction is the last of a royal bloodline. Believing her parents abandoned her as a child, she despises them and anything they represented. When a delivery goes bad, she keeps a valuable data chip that has everyone hunting her – both good and bad. Reluctantly she takes on two friends who help her to overcome her addiction. One becomes her lover; the other becomes a mentor urging her…

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