ACTION Feature Film of the Day: NECROMANCER, by Christopher Sorensen


ACTORTitle: Necromancer

Written by: Christopher Sorensen

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Action, Fantasy

Logline: A once powerful Greek general will become mankind’s only hope for survival as he is paired up with his nemesis, and arch enemy the Necromancer. Both must overcome their hatred, and long rivalry if they are to save the earth from a long forgotten, and ancient god.

Synopsis: Twenty thousand years before man started to delve into the unknown using magic there was a world beyond imagination. The Underworld. A world with humanoid like creatures who lives in perpetual darkness, and magic as their ally. Among these nocturnal life forms are the necromancers. A species of vast, and powerful standing among the more lower castes. Able to call upon the darkness using very mystic, and often devastating results these necromancers can conjure up the dead for their befitting roles as the masters of the night. Although looked on as nothing more than stagnant socerers they do live much like any other in the realms of midnight. They work, learn, study, even farm in some respects as do the people on earth.

Yet on earth, as with all power hungry leaders who war, and toil with subordinate followers they also peer into the darker aspects of life so that their empires can flourish. To do so, kings or queens have religious zealots that dip their hands into forbidden arts. Black magic, and the like. One such king. A persian king had a trump card to win his campaign against his long time rivals… The more fortified greek armies who numbered in the tens of thousands. Among these brave souls is a general.

One of many but stands alone as the only one who loves to throw himself into the fray at its most dangerous levels. General Haffenon Castillanos. A brute, tough, and often womanizing piece of masculinity the grecians has to offer. It is on this day his fortitude would be tested as the battle for crete continues on. Both sides are fighting tooth, and nail, along with spears, swords, and high rise battering rams. Intense clashing on the field echoes like out of tune clocks but roars of war cries give haffenon his daily boost for his ego as he chops limbs, and hacks off heads with no real effort. The persians are losing… Badly.

For here is when ther persian ruler calls out his secret weapon. The Necromancer. A cloaked, and hooded person who hides from the sunlight although the sun is not their weakness. His name is Marish Juntari. A being called on by the persian king using a dark contract of sorts to alter the outcome of the war by using his black magic. Walking out to the fields at the behest of his master, marish only utters a few mystical words. IN that moment, the ground shakes, and rumbles which stops the bloodied fighting men. Haffenon watches with a vested interest as the earth suddenly breaks, and splits apart allowing a foul, and pungent odor to waft over the red stained field. Within seconds thousand of skeletal soldiers climb out, and start by hacking their nearest opponents with a ferocious manner. A new war has started. Between man, and the dead while the persian king observes in his self satisfying moment. No one is exempt. Not even the persians themselves as they are hacked to pieces as haffenon watches in utter horror.

To put a stop to the sudden carnage he musters up all of his strength, all of his courage, and finds his enemy standing alone on the field wearing a black cloak. Haffenon charges at full speed to hunt down his prey as the skeletal army tries to kill him in the process. Screams ring out, frightened men try to flee, but it is useless. Anyone caught trying to escape are cut down like fresh meat for the markets. He is close. Very close to chopping down his foe. But just as haffenon is about to make his swing the necromancer turns, and speaks a very soft word… ‘Die’.

Blackness engulfs haffenon’s mind. It is cold barren, and deathly silent. Like trying to breathe underwater yet no moisture fills his lungs. Only a freezing inhale. After five years on the field, marish returns. He is looking for a grave. The grave of Haffenon Castillanos. Upon finding it, he then revives the once powerful general back to life, and in his pure violent confusion haffenon wakes up to see his enemy sitting in front of him. White hair, golden eyes, and deathly white skin. He wants to kill the scorcerer, but instead listens to the dark mage speak about a prophecy. A tale of an old god who is about to rise once more onto this universe so his rule can be absolute. After many hours of listening to the necromancers story haffenon decides to help marish but out of sheer respite. So for the next two thousand years both marish, and haffenon trek through the ages until it is the year 1969 AD. The year both the Vietnam war, and the prophecy takes place. Haffenon learns many things in the realms of dark magic, and soon realizes his role, and what place fits best for him. Yet their continuous road gets bumpier along the way when another threat appears to stop them. A once powerful goddess turned demon. Krusani. The prophesized god’s herald.

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