ADVENTURE Feature Film of the Day: THE LITTLE PRINCE, by Tori Velle and Mitchell Pierce


Written by: Tori Velle & Mitchell Pierce


Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Logline: It is a deal of a lifetime! And, one in which a wicked snake concocts in order to prove that childhood dreams are ridiculous and cause nothing more than grief, strife, and eventually; death. Cooper, an exhausted airline pilot, with the help of a little, lost boy discovers that a hat, sheep, and a crippling, red-rose are the ‘unseen’ truths that are most important in life. Thus, marking an adventurous ploy against ‘matters of perception’ through a wacky, loud-mouthed mime, boisterous re-appearing city, and a portal hot spot. Together, the little boy and a runaway girl named, Foxy, prove to Cooper that one can only ‘see’ rightly through the heart and sacrifices’ made of child, even if it is his inner one.

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