Audience Feedback Video: KONG’s, 10min, USA, Crime/Thriller

Thriller/Suspense Film and Writing Festival

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO from the April 2017 Film Festival:

  MOVIE POSTERKONG’s, 10min, USA, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Ian Schiller

When a low criminal makes his move against an old friend, it thrusts him into the deep end of a criminal world where his next move could be his last.

Director’s Statement:

I live in Santa Cruz Ca, a town where the tech billions of the Silicon Valley is held at bay by a redwood forest and a winding road through the mountains. It’s a town where vacationers and day trippers brave the pass to enjoy it’s beaches and millionaires overbid themselves to buy beachfront property.

However, beneath this sunny veneer lies a shadow culture, people living outside the margins of society. Transients forced on busses to Santa Cruz from less accommodating locals. Lurkers existing as they have and will – skating, surfing, partying, living for the next swell. Living by the money…

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