MYSTERY Best Scene Reading of UNDER THE WELL, by Max J. Eber

Crime/Mystery Film & Writing Festival


Erecura – Lada Darewych
Hero – Victoria Urquhart
Narration – Sean Ballantyne
Rémy – Hugh Ritchie
Martin – Geoff Mays
Rémy’s mother – Julie C. Sheppard

Get to know the writer:

  1. What is your screenplay about?

Under The Well is about loss and healing. Set in France circa 1920, it focuses on Martin, a young boy still reeling from World War I and the recent death of his best friend from a car accident, an accident that he himself survived. Traumatized, he encounters a thin barrier between reality and the supernatural and soon succumbs to the influence of a mysterious enchantress who claims to know him. Hero, his equally troubled older sister, torn by her own insecurities and stalked by another eerie force, must then find the courage to rescue Martin from the otherworldly machinations bent on taking him away forever.

  1. What genres does your screenplay fall under?

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