Winning FAN FICTION Screenplay of D FOR DEXTER, by Jessi Thind

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Drama

A new Dexter spin-off series: Dexter’s now in Canada running
a private forensics agency looking for missing persons; their
captors his new target. When an annoying teenager keeps
pestering him for a job, Dexter gets distracted and misses
his chance on a kill, but when his biggest fan intercepts and
does the kill for him.


Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Dexter: Christopher Huron
Gabe: Brandon Nicoletti
Roop: Rais Moui
Arty: Neil Bennett
Yuri: Daniella Zappala
Mae Ling: Connie Wang

 Get to know the winning writer:

What is your TV spec screenplay about?

D for Dexter, originally titled ‘D’, is a spin-off on the original Dexter series, which has Dexter living in Vancouver, Canada, ten years after the events of the season finale. Dexter’s now running a private detective/forensics agency looking for missing persons while hunting ‘monsters’ to satiate his Dark Passenger. In the pilot…

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