Novel Transcript Reading: OUTBREAK MUTINY, by Jay Sandlin

Novel Writing Festival

Performed by Val Cole

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Get to know the writer:

What is your novel about?

The Novel Comics is a shared universe of heroes and villains in an alternate timeline. In that sense, I hope to become, “the Stan Lee of the 21st Century.” The series takes place in a world with people who gain superpowers, the Outbreak Babies, and their struggles against the ruling Empire, The Reich. I label my chapters as “issues” for a comics style feel and will continue that trend in the Volume series. I will also release The Novel Comics Anthologies series for stories following other characters outside of the volume series.

See the back cover for a good description of the first book:


December 31, 1929, was a Day That Lived in Infamy. A war between extraordinary beings with superpowers ended in DEFEAT for the United States and…

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