Short Film: THE GHOST, 5min., France, Action

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It’s the end of February 1991. The Gulf War comes to its end. A flight of two F-16C are on a CAS mission when their Awacs asks them to reroute to the North. There, they will encounter a strange Iraqi MiG-29A…

Director Biography – J.P. Ferré

ESRA film school graduate (2008), I worked for five years as project manager at SONIA TOUT COURT, a famous French movie trailer agency. Today, I’m associated with IIW STUDIO-LUX, a post-production company, and work for several agencies as a freelance editor, graphic designer and VFX artist. I made trailers for movies such as A PROPHET (Jacques Audiard), PASSION (Brian De Palma), MARGUERITE and THE APPARITION (Xavier Giannoli), THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT (Tarik Saleh), VERONICA (Paco Plaza), IRREVERSIBLE, ENTER THE VOID, LOVE, CLIMAX and LVX AETERNA (Gaspar Noé), and recently worked on the French trailering campaign for DUNE (Denis Villeneuve).

Also, using exclusively in-game footage from DCS World, one of the most realistic aircraft combat simulator, I directed 2 short films: TOP GUN: MAVERICK & GOOSE (2020) is the most-viewed DCS film on YouTube (+3M views), and lately THE GHOST, which won the Best Movie Award at the DCS International Film Festival in April 2021 (+2,5M views).

I was co-writer and visual effects supervisor on the sci-fi short film ENTITY (Andrew Desmond – 2014), the first French short film to be mixed in Dolby ATMOS. ENTITY gathered more than 80 festival selections and multiple awards. This three-years experience has only strengthened my will to start more personal projects as a director, with stories I want to write.

In 2016, I directed my first live action short film, 3:36, which gathered 20 selections and won 5 Awards.

An animated short film project, MEMORIES AND THE SKY, is in pre-production, and I’m also in the writing process of my first feature film, produced by THE PROJECT.

Director Statement

“This short film has been made using exclusively in-game footage from DCS WORLD by Eagle Dynamics. Voice recordings, original soundtrack and sound effects have been added to serve the story and dramatic purpose. Thank you for watching!”

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