Short Film: ONE IN THE CHAMBER, 10min., Canada, Action

Directed by Hubert Boorder
Hanna unknowingly wakes up in an abandoned building swarmed with (mercenaries) She must survive her way out to escape. Failure is not an option, Failure is death!

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Director Biography – Hubert Boorder

I started film performing stunts over the last 25 years and have always loved the entire process of filmmaking. Not formally trained, I would play around filming fight scenes. I was having so much fun creating fight scenes; then it evolved into directing. My first short film I directed and produced came from a dream I had called TOUCHED; Yet to be released.

Director Statement

The Short One In The Chamber was more than an accomplishment for me as a director, but for the fantastic brand new stunt people that were my crew/performers, and the list goes on. Their effort and performance were priceless. Enjoy

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