Directed by Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, Steven Alan Davis, Joe Chacon

Miles Morales Spiderman discovers that an intentional injustice was covered up as an accident. To prevent this from happening again, he takes advantage of his gifts and “borrows” a powerful glove to summon his elders: Spawn, Blade, and Black Panther. The band of superheroes must then decide on how to best address the tragedy that has unfolded before their very eyes.

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Director Statement

The Black League of Superheroes began as a simple idea inspired by Eddie Murphy who has been known to always take on multiple roles in a single film and scene. We initially shot the final 15 minute scene as a standalone project and afterwards, it was determined that the film could use some action and also allows us to showcase even more of our collective talents. Marcus wrote the scripts that told 3 individual stories to help fill out the film and it led to a full cast for a film that initially had Marcus as the single Star portraying all 5 lead characters. Enter Q Logic Entertainment who brought in expert post production and special effects and the film took on a life of its own resembling something that could have cost millions to produce. We’re very proud of this work and hope fans of all things Superhero will enjoy it and yes it delivers a powerful message as most comic books do. A true homage to many great creators!

-Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm

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